The Good “C” word.

It has been an amazing week since I posted “Big Girl Panties.”

One of my last lines in my post read, “C” also stands for courage. Today mine is back. Thank you Big Girl Panties.”

My courage has been back all week. My energy has increased tenfold. My clarity, focus, drive and excitement about officially opening my business on October 1 has been spot on. ¬†“C” also stands for cathartic. Writing that blog post allowed me to just get everything that was in my head and living in my cells, out. Gone. It cleared the deck and gave me a clean slate. A place to start fresh.

This felt like it was overnight, but it really wasn’t. Spirit has been working on me for several weeks now. I was brought into the dark night of the soul in order to get to the other side. In the month of August, it seemed that every day just kept darker and heavier. God was putting the weight on my shoulders to bring me to my knees. I do a lot of praying and a lot of talking to God, but I am not very good at letting go and surrendering. I pray, release and take it back. That blog post brought me to the point of surrender. It was incredibly cathartic and just what I needed to move forward.

Back to Courage…this is a word that has gotten me through so much especially since 2010. In November 2010, my friend Sally and I went to Stanford Cancer Center for a second opinion. While there, we went into a gift shop where I found a black leather bracelet with a sterling silver plate that said courage. It resonated to my cells when I picked it up. I had to have it. I knew that to get through what was ahead of me – chemotherapy – I was going to need to muster up a lot of courage because I was so scared. Scared of dying, scared of leaving my husband alone, scared period.

I wore this bracelet EVERY day without fail. I even wore it to bed. I only took it off to take a shower.

In August of last year, I lost it. Although I was sad, I knew in my heart that whoever found it needed it more than I did at that point. I was through the worst.

Yet, I have never stopped looking for a new courage bracelet. It was a quiet reminder to stay strong no matter what came my way.

I have even considered getting a small tattoo on the back side of my wrist with the word “courage,” but I can’t muster up enough courage to let someone put needles in my arm with ink in them. ūüėČ

A few months back, my husband called the Stanford gift shop to ask if they had more. They had ones with “believe” on it, but no “courage.” I was so touched by his gesture. He told me that I mention it every time we go into a gift shop.

I decided to go on Etsy to see what I could find. I found a couple bracelets for practically nothing. They were so inexpensive I bought them. One has a cross on it and it is even more special than my original one. It reminds me that God has this under control.

Then when my husband and I were in Ocean City, NJ a few weeks ago, we spied a henna tattoo shop.

Yup, you guessed it. I got a “courage” tattoo on my wrist. I LOVE IT! It is much bigger than I would really want, but it is such a great reminder. Even though the Henna tattoo will fade and my courage may come and go, I know that with the help of my family and friends lifting me up, it will return.

Jeff and I always ask each other at the end of an outing what was our favorite moment of the day. Jeff replied, ” Standing outside the henna tattoo shop watching you in the window getting your tattoo with the biggest smile on your face and a line of kids behind you waiting for their Spongebob and Superman tattoos.” I laughed and asked why would this be his favorite moment. He said, “Because you were the happiest I have seen you in a very long time.”

When he asked my favorite moment, I replied, “Hearing yours and remembering just how much I love you. Thank you for another great day together.”

Here’s my tattoo and one of my bracelets:










Big Girl Panties

Today is a brand new day! Whew. I like having a fresh start every morning. A clean slate.

Thank God for new beginnings.

Pity Party. Over.

Crying and sadness. Over. (Maybe not forever, but today definitely.)

I woke up this morning and I did exactly what I said I was going to do…

Pulled up my BIG GIRL PANTIES!!! 

Turned on my Happy Day Dance Playlist.

And Danced! Yes, in my big girl panties!

Around my house. Curtains closed. :-)

Screaming Kelly Clarkson’s “What doesn’t kill you, makes you STRONGER!” at the top of my lungs in my really out-of-tune voice.

And Joshua Radin’s Brand New Day. My newest favorite. The lyrics are at the bottom of this post.¬†

If you have ever heard me speak, my first secret to survivorship is to allow yourself to be sad. Don’t hold it in. Express your fears. Your sadness. Throw yourself a pity party. Holding it in only makes things worse. If you let it out. It is gone. It may come back. When it does. Throw another pity party. Just don’t let them last too long. I give myself a day to cry it out.

Let it go physically.

Let it go spiritually. Let Go, Let God. Surrender.

I have ZERO control in this situation. ZERO! That is a really hard place for any human to be. In any situation. We LOVE the illusion of control. And if you are disagreeing with me…you’re kidding yourself.

Today, I sing. Dance. Smile. Laugh. Eat my organic veggies and focus on wellness. Have fun with my husband. Play with my dogs. Juice my greens.

Today, I am reminded of how grateful I am for the almost 18 years I have lived with cancer, the experiences I have lived, the friends I have made, and the unconditional love I have felt. Plus, the statistic said “on average” which means someone had to live longer than 20 years, right? I am that someone for the next round of statistics! Watch me!

Yes, this is a complete shift from yesterday. I chose that shift. Consciously. It was NOT easy. Yet, I did choose to be in a better place today. To fill my head with healthy, healing thoughts instead of doom, gloom and worry. It may come back. Who am I kidding? It will come back. And we will go through this cycle again. As Joshua Radin states, “You gotta fall in order to mend.”

I may or may not get my wish of being without any cancer, any doctors appointments or hospitals for a year, but that’s okay.

C also stands for courage. Today mine is back. Thank you BIG GIRL PANTIES! YOU ROCK!



Joshua Radin – “Brand New Day” lyrics (I really wanted to post a video, but I can’t make it work and the official video is terrible, kinda funny in a terrible sort of way. Search on YouTube if you want to see it.)

“Brand New Day”
Some kind of magic
Happens late at night

When the moon smiles down at me
And bathes me in its light
I fell asleep beneath you
In the tall blades of grass
When I woke the world was new
I never had to ask
It’s a brand new day
The sun is shining
It’s a brand new day
For the first time in such a long long time
I know, I’ll be ok
Most kind of stories
Save the best part for last
And most stories have a hero who finds
You make your past your past
Yeah you make your past your past

It’s a brand new day
The sun is shining
It’s a brand new day
For the first time in such a long long time
I know, I’ll be ok

This cycle never ends
You gotta fall in order to mend

It’s a brand new day
It’s a brand new day
For the first time in such a long long time
I know, I’ll be ok


Just One Day.


Just One Week. No.

Just One Month. No.

Just One Year. Yes. That would be good. Great actually.

To have just one year where I never had to think about cancer. Ever. No worry that it is back, that it has changed into a new cancer, that it is threatening my life. No doctors appointment necessary. No trips to the hospital – unless I break my leg rock climbing.

Just one year. Free. Worry free. Appointment free. Doctor free.

I am fully aware that worry takes away the joy in today. How do I not worry? How do I stop being afraid?

My last scan came back with activity, but the biopsy showed abnormal, non-cancerous cells. Yay, right?

No. My hemoglobin is extremely low. My iron is extremely low. (Hence no energy.) Yet, my iron stores are double what they should be.

What could that point to? Cancer in the bone marrow. Again.

Or maybe I have internal bleeding. Why?

The doctors are running more tests. Most likely, a bone marrow biopsy.

Considering it hasn’t been that long since chemo, this is very disturbing. It doesn’t help that the Internet provided me with a piece of knowledge I really didn’t need to know. Most people with indolent lymphoma live 20 years. In December, I will be at 18. That definitely adds to my stress level. I really didn’t need to know that bit of info. Then I remember the doc told me I would be dead in 12 weeks in 2001. Hmmm. Shot that to hell. Right?

Now I know that I am not the only one who deals with cancer every day or other struggles. This may seem like a pity party. It is. I am sharing one of my weakest moments with you, my readers. Call me a whiner. It doesn’t matter what you call me. I call it vulnerability, being real, being raw.

I have reached out for help for the first time in a very, very long time. Today I joined the Cancer Support Community group here in Northern Delaware. I also hired a therapist. As positive as I am, this journey is breaking my spirit. Living life with a time bomb inside me sucks some days. Other days, the good days, it reminds to be grateful for everything I have: my husband, family, friends, and my doggies. Tomorrow I will wake up, pull up my big girl panties, and develop a plan to get back my mojo, spirit, and kick cancer to curb. Again.

But. If I could just have one wish upon a star that would come true this is what it would be.

For one year. No cancer. No doctors. No health issues at all. Just living life, running a smashing successful nutrition business, speaking to groups, having fun, enjoying family, friends, life and spreading the love.



What a Difference a Year Makes!

Has it been a month since I have posted? I have started several, but homework keeps me busy these days. Thank you Karen for the reminder to get busy. I decided to postpone homework to blog and maybe, just maybe I will be re-energized on the books. One can hope.

Heilee and I toasting my last chemo with sparkling apple juice.

Yesterday was a SUPER HUGE day in my little world. SUPER HUGE! Did I mention SUPER HUGE! It was the anniversary of my last chemotherapy. March 8, 2011 I was unplugged from chemotherapy. The cool thing about the date is that it was 2 chemotherapy sessions sooner than was originally planned. The oncologist recommended 8 treatments, but I responded so fast, he felt no need to do the additional 2. Woo Hoo!

What a difference a year makes. When chemotherapy started in November 2010 I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. It took an attitude adjustment and lots of love and prayers from friends, family and perfect strangers to keep me going. By January, my spirit had returned and I was going to beat this cancer thing…again. And now it is a year later and so much has changed. I am living for the first time in a really long time. In 12 months I have:

  • Survived cancer again.
  • Witnessed a baby born. (The single best moment of my life.)
  • Got my gallbladder removed.
  • Connected with my sisters and brother more than we have been since our parents passed away.
  • Driven across country with Kristine and my two dogs.
  • Saw some beautiful places coming across country and met interesting people.
  • Moved to Delaware with my husband.
  • Went on a once-in-a-lifetime Mediterranean cruise to Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia with my husband to witness a beautiful wedding between two friends.
  • Swam in crystal clear blue waters.
  • Felt the sand between my toes in cool new countries.
  • Visited NYC twice and DC once.
  • Volunteered with a great organization.
  • Did two speaking engagements.
  • Booked a speaking engagement for June 2012.
  • Spent time with my family.
  • Played in the snow with our snow-virgin dogs.
  • Enrolled (and almost completed) in a holistic nutrition program to help myself heal and found my purpose in life.
  • Learned how to cook healthy.
  • Started working out.
  • Learned to like brussel sprouts, kale and chia seeds.
  • Started a blog.

Whew! It has been quite a fulfilling year!

In December 2010, my ¬†friend Beverly gave me the best advice. She said that sometimes we have to just be in the present moment, get through that moment, then the next and so on. Instead of setting goals for 2011, be present in each day. At the end of the year, look back at all you accomplished because if the only thing on that list is “beating cancer” it was bigger than most accomplishments in life. She was right and that is what I did. I stayed present and tried not to get ahead of myself. It helped me maintain my sanity in the midst of the most stress I have ever had. Thank you Bev for being the compass I needed at that given moment. And thank you God for giving me opportunity to do and be more than just beating cancer. :-)

I encourage each of you to sit down and write what you have accomplished in the last 12 months. Give yourself credit even for the little things like learning to like brussel sprouts.




Days 100-110: It’s All Good Even When It Rains

It has been a wonderful whirlwind since Day 100! Every bit of it wonderful. I am in my fifth intensive nutrition course and it is amazing to see all of this learning come together with the effects it is having on my body, mind and spirit. Yes, nutrition impacts all of it. My energy level is increasing. My mind is able to focus more. And my spirit is becoming stronger.

During my “funk” last month, I did a lot of thinking and processing. It has been a long adulthood and I have experienced my share of adversity: Losing both my parents by the time I was 30, learning about some family secrets that rattled me to my core for a while, and having cancer four times. And none of which, I would trade because I have learned from these experiences.

However, from 2008-2011 the cancer was active and living with it really began to tear down my spirit. Those of you who know me, know I have LOTS of spunk and spirit, but I had NO energy behind it. And when I did have energy it faded fast; it was fleeting.

I quit my full-time job because I couldn’t keep up anymore. My husband and I made the decision for me to quit work and build my coaching business, but I found that I didn’t have the energy for that either. It faded. And the same thing happened when I started a non-profit. With each failure, it whittled away at my spirit without me even knowing it. It wasn’t until recently that I realized my spirit was secretly being stolen.

Things are changing thanks to this awareness!

I have spent many years gathering life experiences. And more years than I can count just surviving and enduring what life was throwing at me, Yes, I did it with an optimistic attitude, but I found it hard to actively plan and participate in life in between doctors appointments and therapies. It is time! With energy from holistic nutrition and even more knowledge from school, I am seriously excited about 2012. I have deemed this year the year of the harvest!

Yes, that sums it nicely. I looked up the definition of harvest before I chose that word. One definition of harvest is “to receive the benefits from.” Another is “the result or consequence of an activity.” 2012 and beyond is the time to reap the harvest. It is time to put all the knowledge about living with cancer, cancer survivorship and healthy lifestyle choices into good use by helping others.

Soil has been prepped, seeds have been planted, the crops have weathered all sorts of storms, the sun is shining and now it is ready for harvesting! As I go through these classes I am beginning to make tools and tip sheets for my clients and for seminars. I am seeing things in my head that can be developed to help people make healthier choices. Sure, I might experience more rain and maybe even a storm or two, but just like rain helps crops grow, it will continue to make me grow as well. This year I am stepping into whatever God’s plans are for my life and I commit to seeing them through with a renewed sense of self, spirit and health.

Day 66-100: Hibernating and Healing

365 Days Ago: In January 2011, I was undergoing chemotherapy number 3 and 4 and my follow up PET scan to see how I was doing. My PET scan was on January 21. I remember this because it was two days after my birthday and we were supposed to have the results before chemotherapy #4.

We didn’t. I worried. The results were never delayed.

With intrepidation, I sat at my doctor’s office waiting to talk to him without an appointment. He came out with a smile on his face, handed me my scan results and said that after only three treatments the cancer was almost gone even in my bone marrow! He said they were exceptional and unexpected results. I remember him telling me to continue doing integrative therapies because they were making a major difference in the success of the protocol. [Insert happy dance here.]

The last 34 days:
First, thank you for being patient with me as I figure out how to fit blogging into my schedule.

It has been over a month since I have blogged, but I have wanted to blog. HONEST. Even thought about what a great blog topic something would be. Yet, I didn’t. Why? I was tied up. My fingers were… My…

I was in a funk. A miserable, cranky, saddy pants funk.

Part regular every year funk (except last year because I had bigger things on my plate) and part detoxing funk.

What is every year funk? It revolves around a few things…1. Unaccomplished hopes and dreams in the previous year. 2. The death of my mom (Jan. 7, 2000) 3. Trying to figure out where I want to go. Sometimes I am not finished with the last year yet. This was especially the case with 2011. You would think I would be over it and ready to move on considering it was a huge year of transition – surviving cancer AGAIN, moving to DE from AZ, enrolling in school and putting my brain to work.

Yet, I wasn’t done with it. I missed out on a few months and still had things to check off my to do list. I don’t like to carry anything into the next year.

Then the second funk started taking place – The Detox Funk. In December, I found out that I am experiencing delayed food allergies to cane sugar and all things cow and goat dairy. Now, I know what you are all thinking. She shouldn’t be eating sugar, dairy or beef anyway. Yes, you are right. But any change that starts with what I should or shouldn’t be doing isn’t going to last long if it even starts. I did give up sugar and dairy several times and went back to it. I know it impacts cancer and the immune system effectiveness. Then add the fact that I am allergic to it and WHAMO – it impairs my immune system and creates inflammation.

New Year’s Day I went cold turkey. All dairy and sugar products were removed from the house. Do you know how many names sugar has and where it is hidden?

It was awesome¬†easy¬†hard as hell. Death by chocolate is real, my friends, but it is death for chocolate. I even went as far as ordering 5 sugar free chocolate bars for $22! What?! I found myself trying to find something, anything buried deep in my cupboards that had sugar in it. When I did, I would stare it down. Jeff would come home to find some random thing on the counter and just shake his head. Oddly enough, two cookie¬†containers¬†were sitting in the garage full of peanut butter balls and cranberry, white chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t eat them. I still have eaten them. They sit there. I look at them every day on my way to the car. It’s like giving someone the silent treatment and waiting to see who cracks first. Senseless, right?! I know. Welcome to the world of detox.

A world that rears its ugly head in a lot of ways. Headaches, extreme fatigue, crabbiness, negative thoughts, low energy, inability to focus, judgement, severe ezcema patches and some not so pretty bowel movements. Oh yes, I did just say it. As Heilee says, “poop, there it is!”

This is why I haven’t been blogging as of late. Nothing I had to say was nice and it probably wouldn’t make much sense. My wires were crossing with all the sugar and dairy coming out. I barely had enough synapses firing to get my school work completed. Ironically though, a lot of profound thinking went on during this down time, which will be shared over the coming weeks.

Good news! I am on the other side of it now. My energy has increased, my headaches are gone, sugar and dairy are no longer missed, my synapses are firing, and I am back in the game. ¬†By eating more nutrient-rich foods, my body began to feel better; ¬†positive thinking is natural again; I am more connected spiritually with this level of extreme faith that it is all happening as it should; my pH is becoming more alkaline; and I feel more grounded and centered. My “light” feels like it is turned back on after four years of being extremely dimmed. WOW! What I eat really does influence how I feel and how I “see” the world and myself in the world.

Sometimes I wish I knew this nutrition information sooner and then I remember it comes when the subject is ready for it and can hear it. My NDs have been telling me this stuff in different ways for years. It just took me until now to hear it. I am incredibly grateful to still be “here” to hear it. I am ready to welcome 2012 with open arms and let go of what didn’t get done in 2011. Most likely, it didn’t serve my best and highest good anyway.

Happy New Year, my friends!

Day 37-51: Bruised from falling off the bandwagon

It’s been way too long since I posted. I would love to say I have been doing tremendous things for my health since we last met, but that isn’t the case. It’s Christmas time and for the first time since my mom ¬†passed I went all in baking cookies for everyone. You see it is a tradition. My mom and I with my sister Connie and niece Lise used to bake weekend after weekend in November and December just to make cookies for just about everyone in the town. Okay, maybe not that many, but A LOT! Peanut butter balls, orange drop cookies, marmalade cookies, honey cookies and on and on. I think we did about 8 dozen of 10 types of cookies. Then we made up trays to hand out. It was so much fun delivering them. I remember the last time I delivered cookies to my mom’s neighbor (mom passed away suddenly a couple weeks after Christmas that year). I rang the doorbell and heard feet flying down the stairs and from the back of the house and two young girls yelling, “the cookies are here, the cookies are here.” I will never forget it. It was those moments that made giving up every weekend to bake with Mom worthwhile.

I digress. My intention was to change all these cookie recipes into healthy ones by substituting flours for gluten free, refined sugar for coconut sugar, etc. I didn’t. I couldn’t. It didn’t feel like my time with Mom. Now normally, I am not much of a cookie eater, BUT I had just began removing sugar out of my diet when I started making these cookies. What happens when you give something up? At some point in the process of elimination you will KILL someone for what you can’t have. But I could have it. Refined sugar was in every cookie I made and every pecan and almond I spiced. And the day when I could no longer stay away, I ate 2 cookies, then 2 more cookies and then washed them down with a coke! OMG! I didn’t. Oh yes I did. Talk about feeling like crap mentally, physically and emotionally. (Insert toilet flushing sound). I was sad because I was baking cookies alone and missing my mom and my sisters. Then sprinkle in the fact that I just failed at eliminating sugar and I was one HOT mess.

Now I did do some GOOD things over the last 15 days and I must give myself some credit.

  1. I introduced family to kale chips over the Thanksgiving holiday. Some liked them, others did not. It was fun teaching people about food and talking nutrition. What I realized is how much the holistic nutrition concepts resonate with me. It’s pretty cool.
  2. I didn’t indulge in a lot of sugar over the Thanksgiving holiday. I showed restraint.
  3. We hosted a party for Jeff’s work team. I didn’t eat a single piece of lasagna because I am pretty certain I have dairy allergies. That was hard, but I did it.¬†However, I had already busted the “no sugar” rule, so what the hell, right. ¬†And I chose to eat the good food first: salad, bruschetta, green beans amandine and vegetable crudite.
  4. I used stevia in my homemade sauce instead of sugar and it didn’t change the taste a bit.
  5. I continued to experiment with new vegetables, fruits and grains while making whole foods for lunch and dinner.
  6. Although I didn’t make it to any yoga or gym classes last week, I did do yoga stretching at home almost every day.
  7. The day after Jeff’s party I rested all day. I staying in my pajamas until 2 in the afternoon. If we didn’t need to run an errand I don’t think I would have changed out of them.
  8. I took my supplements and consumed 8-10 cups of water a day.
  9. I completed my reading and homework assignments with little stress.Tonight I am off to yoga and officially back on the bandwagon! GO ME!
Have you fallen off the band wagon due to the holiday hustle and bustle? It’s okay. Just get back on and join me in moving forward on the 365 Days of Health.¬†¬†

Day 29-36: A food experiment

The past week I have been experimenting with food to learn what works with my body and for my body and what doesn’t by doing an extensive food log. The log shows how I feel within a half hour of eating as well as looking at the next day or two, my pH levels, my mood and more.

This is what I have learned so far: Dairy does not agree with me. (I already knew this, but decided to give it another whirl.) Gluten…I am not sure about. When I food logged I realized that the day I chose to eat a lot of gluten seemed to have choices with sugar as well. Other than that, I seem to relate to food well.

I have this excema patch on my thumb that lights up when I eat something that my body doesn’t like. It gets red, itchy and since it is a wet excema, it can get blistery and ooze clear fluid. Gross, I know. The days I was experimenting with food, my patch was terribly raw, red and well, you know.

Once I got through my experimenting stages, I decided to abstain from sugar and dairy for a few days. It is amazing to see how fast my thumb is healing up. I feel better and BONUS – my thoughts are clearer. I just did a delayed food allergy test IgG on Sunday. The results will be back in a couple of weeks to confirm or deny my suspicions. I look forward to finding out what is causing the trouble.

I have been experimenting with preparing food as well. Parsnips, brussel sprouts, turnips. I have liked them all! What I am realizing is how much easier it is to eat holistically than I realized. In future posts I will begin to share recipes.

I made yoga class twice last week, Thursday and Sunday. I am more centered and relaxed because of this practice, plus I am building muscle tone. Another day at the gym consisted of the treadmill and the sit up machine. I am rejoicing in my triumphs this last week. I am grateful for being on a solid road to making long-term lifestyle changes.

I have so much more to write, but I am extremely tired. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we have a long drive ahead of us -12.5 hours to be exact. We had this brilliant idea to sleep and get up at midnight and drive. Considering it is 10:30 pm now and I am still awake, I am sure it is going to be rough. I just hope I don’t fall asleep in my plate tomorrow. ūüėČ Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I will write more from the road.

Day 14: Get Moving Paradise!

365 Days Ago: Driving was impossible. Sitting, standing, walking and even lying down caused excruciating pain. I could barely get in and out of the shower or bed without sheer agony. I wasn’t on pain medication only OTC medication. My tailbone felt like it was going to explode at any given moment. I truly didn’t know that level of pain before in my life.

Day 14: Get Moving Paradise!
When I think about last year at this time, I am so grateful to be here still and for the friends and family who helped me. I think about how far I have come with love, support and prayers. Driving, sitting, standing, showering, walking is all easy now. I was so certain I had reached the end of my time on earth, but thankfully God had different plans. Now I can’t let Him down can I?

God doesn’t give us illnesses, ailments or other things. These things just happen for whatever reason. Do we really need a reason? It just is. Whatever “it” is in our lives, the power it has is the power we choose to give it. Nothing more. Nothing less. (If you are sputtering the words, “but, but, but” right now, you may be giving it more power than it deserves.)

Sometimes we use these things as excuses not to do or be what God intended. Just ask me…I’ve mastered that over the last 16 years. Other times, we choose to be victims. Thankfully, that I am not. Other times, we just lose ourselves in our disease and it becomes our identity. I struggled with this at times over the last 16 years.

At the best of times, we use it as a catapult right into a better place, a healthier place, a place where we choose to live consciously without excuses, no matter how hard the change may be. A place where we LIVE life fully and completely without abandon. That is where I am right now.

This is my fourth chance at life. Fifth, if you add in my original shot at birth. ūüėČ I can’t just sit around and not accomplish anything anymore. God has plans for me. I have no idea what they are right now. Maybe it is to be a great GREAT Aunt to Braeden and Jamie. Maybe it is to help one person through this blog. Maybe it is teach people about food as medicine and naturopathic medicine. Maybe it is just to truly live life from a conscious, connected, real place with my husband and two dogs. I don’t know. I don’t need to know. Does it matter as long as I am truly living?

It is time to get moving and stop being so damn lazy! Yes, I said damn and lazy. Today Jeff and I joined a gym. I am not sure if he will go, but I will. I commit to a minimum of three times a week to start plus my Thursday night yoga class. ¬†I have a gym buddy. Jenny. My new Delaware friend. We have agreed to keep each other accountable. I can’t wait to tell her tomorrow I really did join and will hold her to her word!

Do you find yourself talking about exercising, but not doing it? Do you talk about wanting to eat, look or feel differently, but don’t do anything about it? Are you struggling with a disease that has become your identity and you don’t know who you are without it? I challenge you to STOP what you are doing right now and figure out just ONE thing you can do differently to take back control and move in the right direction for your health. Is it your eating habits, exercise habits, thinking habits? Whatever it is, it can be changed. You just have to decide.¬†Reach out. Ask a friend for help. Ask me. I am here. We are in this together.

Let’s get healthy together by this time next year. I’m not going to lie. It will be hard.¬†This isn’t easy for me. Do what I did at first. Think about your family. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for them. They don’t want to lose you before your time. ¬†As the¬†metamorphosis takes place in your life, you will begin to do it for you. For now do it for them if that is what motivates you to get moving and make a change.¬†¬†

What change are you going to make today to a healthier you? 

Day 9: Walking for a Cause

(I thought I hit post last night. I was super tired and you will understand why when you read the post. Sorry!)

Day 9: Walking for a Cause

I need to get more exercise. That is one thing that I need to add in a few times a week. I have yoga class on Thursday nights, but I need to walk and do some strength training exercises.

Today, I was able to get a couple of miles in walking while helping out my favorite cause, The Run: Moving Natural Medicine Forward. The Run is this really cool and bold publicity move by a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Dennis Godby, his two sons and nephew. They are running across country promoting natural medicine and healthy living in 90 cities along the way. They run 30-33 miles a day with days of rest sprinkled in between.

The great news is they are making several appearances in the area where I live now.
November 6, 4:30 pm – Newark, DE at the Delaware Running Company
November 7, 9 AMish – Elementary School, Wilmington, DE
November 7, 7 PM – Lotus Farm to Table Fundraising dinner, Media, PA (I am speaking at this event.) If you would like to come call 610-565-5554
November 8, 10 am – 2 – Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market, Philadelphia, PA

Then they are off again. The big celebration is in NYC on 11-11-11 with the final leg of The Run going into University of Bridgeport, College of Naturopathic Medicine on November 17.

Back to what I did for my health today. I talked to people about health, natural medicine, our events and it was so well received. Most people hung the flyer up right away. The co-op agreed to send out the the event listing to their newsletter of 6000 people! It made me feel good to talk about health, plus I walked an easy 1.5 miles today. I walked up and down Main Street, Newark and several side streets. I spent several hours sharing the news of natural health. I felt like an evangelist for natural medicine again. I ate lunch at a great whole foods restaurant called Home Grown Cafe. Between the fresh air, walking and stimulating conversation, I am EXHAUSTED. Considering it is 9:15 PM and I really ready for bed, I will add “tuckering myself out” to my list of what I did for my health today.

Schedule Progress: Woke up at 7:30 AM. I don’t know how I missed the alarms going off, but I did. I am sure I will be in bed by 9:30 tonight.

What did you do for your health today?