The Good “C” word.

It has been an amazing week since I posted “Big Girl Panties.” One of my last lines in my post read, “C” also stands for courage. Today mine is back. Thank you Big Girl Panties.” My courage has been back all week. My energy has increased tenfold. My clarity, focus, drive and excitement about officially […]

Big Girl Panties

Today is a brand new day! Whew. I like having a fresh start every morning. A clean slate. Thank God for new beginnings. Pity Party. Over. Crying and sadness. Over. (Maybe not forever, but today definitely.) I woke up this morning and I did exactly what I said I was going to do… Pulled up […]

Just One Day.

No. Just One Week. No. Just One Month. No. Just One Year. Yes. That would be good. Great actually. To have just one year where I never had to think about cancer. Ever. No worry that it is back, that it has changed into a new cancer, that it is threatening my life. No doctors […]

Day 66-100: Hibernating and Healing

365 Days Ago: In January 2011, I was undergoing chemotherapy number 3 and 4 and my follow up PET scan to see how I was doing. My PET scan was on January 21. I remember this because it was two days after my birthday and we were supposed to have the results before chemotherapy #4. We didn’t. […]

Day 37-51: Bruised from falling off the bandwagon

It’s been way too long since I posted. I would love to say I have been doing tremendous things for my health since we last met, but that isn’t the case. It’s Christmas time and for the first time since my mom  passed I went all in baking cookies for everyone. You see it is […]

Day 14: Get Moving Paradise!

365 Days Ago: Driving was impossible. Sitting, standing, walking and even lying down caused excruciating pain. I could barely get in and out of the shower or bed without sheer agony. I wasn’t on pain medication only OTC medication. My tailbone felt like it was going to explode at any given moment. I truly didn’t […]

Day 9: Walking for a Cause

(I thought I hit post last night. I was super tired and you will understand why when you read the post. Sorry!) Day 9: Walking for a Cause I need to get more exercise. That is one thing that I need to add in a few times a week. I have yoga class on Thursday […]